Our Tours
Our Tours

We want to take you on an
invigorating ecological and cultural journey into our unique heritage.

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We want to take you on an
invigorating ecological and cultural journey into our unique heritage.

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Icebergs, Whales, Sea Birds & More!

Don’t miss this 2.5 hour award winning Discovery Tour. Icebergs, whales, dolphins and seabirds are just some of the highlights. Enjoy breathtaking scenery and traditional music.

Relax in the comforts of a 50 foot vessel while being entertained by stories and interpretation on our unique heritage. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the scenic St. Anthony coast; an area famous for its bounty of icebergs, humpbacks and Atlantic-white beaked dolphins.

Acrobatic Dolphins

In season, the St. Anthony coast has the
greatest concentration of white-beaked
dolphins in the North Atlantic.



Humpbacks, Dolphins, Sea Caves & More!

Looking for something a little more adventurous? This thrilling 2 hour zodiac expedition is fast, fun, educational and as close to nature as it gets. Watch for frolicking humpbacks and aerobatic dolphins. Explore towing cliffs, fascinating sea caves and scenic seabird islands. Puffins, eider ducks, black-guillemots and kittewakes are just some of the seabirds that breed on these islands. During each tour, our local naturalist will provide live interpretation on our natural and cultural heritage.

“Highlight of our visit to Newfoundland”

Ken & Myra McClure
Perrysberg, Ohio, USA

“Great trip with great people”

Roy & Molly Hawkins
Mission, BC, Canada


“Icebergs-check, Eagles-Check, Whales-Check, Magic”

Tim Hare, England


“Absolutely the highlight of our trip, thank-you”

Laura & Dan Potji Drumbo,ON, Canada


“Very friendly, informative and exciting”

Pat & Carolyn O’Brien Mississauga,ON,Canada


“The pinnacle of beauty. Very informative. Great guide”

Barbara, Joe, Joey & Lauren Lombardo



Welcome Aboard!

Splendid Birds, Caves & Local Legends

You’ll be awestruck by the splendor of our bird life and cave formations. Visit fascinating colonies of kittiwakes, guillemots and arctic terns – a bird that has a longer migration than any other creature in the world. Experience the excitement of viewing one of Newfoundland’s largest sea caves while listening to stories about local legends.

Playful Whales & Dolphins

The coastal waters off St. Anthony are noted for its annual gathering of humpback whales and having the longest whale season in NL. Sightings of minke, fin and killer whales are common. When the whales arrive, savor the sounds of their acoustical blows or watch them breach nearby. Come witness the speed and agility of white-beaked dolphins as they playfully leap and race our bow.

Award Winning Tours

On each tour, our experienced local naturalist will captivate the audience with a live interpretative program. It’s intended to be fun, educational and provide our guests with a greater appreciation for our natural and cultural heritage. The interpretation will focus on our icebergs, marine wildlife, and Newfoundland culture. The enthusiasm and hospitality of our naturalists and crew will delight you.

Shimmering Icebergs

Explore the northern corridor of Iceberg Alley which consistently has more icebergs than any other area of Newfoundland. The beauty of these shimmering mountains of ice will rejuvenate your soul. When they appear, feel the chill in the air as you pass a 15,000 year old iceberg. Taste the purest water on
earth – iceberg ice.